meaning "attend, doing"
onyomi シ, ジ
kunyomi つか.える
つか・える、シ、ジserve, do
しごとwork, a job, business, a task, an occupation
仕えるつかえるto serve; to be in the service (of); to work for
がるしあがるto be finished; to be completed; to be ready
したくarrangements; preparations; (an) outfit
がなしかがないit can''t be helped (avoided)
しかたa method; a way; a means
がりしあがりfinish, end, completion
しあげend, finishing touches, being finished
しいれstocking, buying up
してdoer, performer; protagonist (in noh or kyogen), hero, leading part, main character; speculator (in trading)
しかけdevice, trick, mechanism, gadget, (small) scale, half finished, commencement, set up, challenge
しようway, method, means, resource, remedy; (technical) specification
しくみstructure, construction, arrangement, contrivance; plan, plot, contrivance
しぐさaction, acting, gesture, bearing, treatment, behavior, behaviour
ほうしattendance, service, ministry, church work
どろじあいmudslinging, smear campaign
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