meaning "person"
onyomi ジン, ニン
kunyomi ひと, -り, -と
ひとりone person
ひゃくまんにんone million people
しゅじんhead of household; husband; proprietor
ごしゅじんyour husband, her husband (n)
ふたりtwo people
ごにんfive people
ひとman, person
〜ふじんMadam~, Mrs. ~
~人~にんcounter for people
人込みひとごみcrowd of people (n)
ひとりひとりone by one, each, one at a time (n-t)
たにんanother person, unrelated person, outsider
なんにんhow many people
こじんindividual, private person, personal, private
ゆうじんa friend
じ人おなじひとthe same person
めいじんmaster, expert (n)
じんめい(human) life (n)
しょうにんtrader, shopkeeper, merchant (n)
がいこくじんforeigner (n)
おとなan adult
‾ふじんMadam~, Mrs. ~
ふじんwife, Mrs, madam (n)
の人おんなのひとa woman
ひとづまmarried woman
ふじんwoman, female (n)
じんこうのartificial, manmade
とうにんperson concerned
やくにんgovernment official (n)
こいびとlover, sweetheart (n)
せいじんadult (n)
ひとさしゆびindex finger (n)
ほんにんthe person himself (n)
さつじんmurder (noun)
じんぶつpersonality; character
はんにんoffender, criminal (n)
じんせい(human) life (i.e. conception to death) (n)
びょうにんa sick person
ちじんfriend, acquaintance (n)
じんぶんかがくsocial sciences, humanities
じんしゅrace (of people) (n)
ほくべいじんNorth American (person)
なんべいじんSouth American (person)
しろうとamateur, novice (n)
びじんbeautiful person (woman) (n)
ろうじんthe aged, old person (n)
な人しんせつなひとkind person
しじんpoet (n)
ひとどおりpedestrian traffic (n)
じんぞうman-made, synthetic, artificial (n)
さとびとrustic (from villager?)
にんげんhuman being
かいしゃにんげんemployee (corporate)
じんるいmankind, humanity (n)
ひとりむすめan only daughter
らしひとりぐらしa single life, a solitary life, living alone
ひとりずもうfighting (tilting at) windmills, working oneself up even though there really isn''t anything to fight at; single-person mimicking a wrestling match
ばんにん, ばんじん, まんにんall people, everybody; ten thousand people
さんにん, みたりthree people
ればさんにんよればもんじゅのちえtwo heads are better than one
ちゅうかじんみんきょうわこくPeople''s Republic of China, Communist China
ににんさんきゃくthree-legged race; cooperation with singleness of purpose (e.g. between companies)
人々ひとびと, にんにんeach person, people, men, human, everybody
人にひとにあくじをそそのかすto entice a person to do something wrong
ひといちばいmore than others, redoubled, unusual
じんけんひpersonnel expenses, labor cost, labour cost; indirect labour costs, indirect labor costs
じんたいかいぼうがくhuman anatomy
じんりんhuman relations, humanity
じんけつgreat man, hero
ひとがきcrowd of people
じんこうこきゅうartificial respiration
じんこうえいせいman-made satellite
にんぎょうじょうるりold name for bunraku
にんぎょうづかい, にんぎょうつかいpuppet operator, puppet manipulator, puppeteer
ひとかげ, じんえいfigure(s) of a person (persons); shadow of a person
じんざい, じんさいman of talent, capable person, talented person
ひとがらpersonality, character, personal appearance, gentility
じんけんhuman rights, civil liberties
じんけんようごprotection of human rights
じんみんpeople, public
にんきしっついdecline in public favor, fall in popularity
じんいhuman work, human agency, art, artificiality
じんいてきartificial, unnatural
じんせいてつがくphilosophy of life
じんちくmen and animals
じんみゃくpersonal connections
ひとじちhostage, prisoner
ひとざとhuman habitation
にんげんのだらくthe fall of man
じんかんばんじさいおうがうまinscrutable are the ways of heaven, fortune is unpredictable and changeable
にんげんこくほうliving national treasure
にんげんかんけいhuman relations
じんこつhuman bones
せんにんimmortal mountain wizard (in Taoism), mountain man (esp. a hermit); one not bound by earthly desires or the thoughts of normal men
なこうど, ちゅうにんgo-between, matchmaker; child in elementary or middle school
れいじんcourt musician, minstrel
はいじんhaiku poet
こじんてきindividualistic, personal, self-centred, self-centered
わじんJapanese person (term esp. used in ancient China, etc.)
いじんgreat man
ぼうじゃくぶじんarrogance, audacity, (behaving) outrageously as though there were no one around, insolence, defiance, overbearing
けつじんoutstanding person
こうしゃくふじんprincess, duchess
こうえきほうじんpublic-service corporation, charitable corporation; juridical (legal) person working for the public good
ぼんじん, ぼんにんordinary person, average person, mediocre
しゅっせいぐんじんsoldier at the front
ぜんじんみとうuntrodden (region, field of study, etc.), unprecedented (discovery, achievement, etc.)
なんばんじんsouthern barbarian (used to describe Western Europeans who visited Japan prior to the Edo period, esp. the Spanish and the Portuguese)
ぎんゆうしじんtroubadour, minstrel
てつじんwise man, philosopher, sage
からびと, とうじんa Chinese, foreigner
しょくたくさつじんcontract murder
しゅうじんろうどうprison labor, prison labour, forced labor, forced labour
こくさいじんinternational celebrity, cosmopolitan, citizen of the world
てんぷじんけんnatural rights of man
ね人たずねびとmissing person, wanted person
きょじんgiant, great man; Tokyo Giants (baseball team)
おのれのほっせざるところひとにほどこすことなかれdon''t do unto others what you would not have done unto you
ようじんcommon man
べんごにんcounsel, defender, advocate
とうがいじんぶつthe appropriate person, competent person
かいじんmysterious person
おんじんbenefactor, patron
あいじんlover, mistress
せいじんびょうadult diseases
り人あやつりにんぎょうpuppet, marionette
こじんthe deceased, old friend
人をこじんをしのぶto think of the dead
は人ぶんはひとなりThe style is the man
しんじんnew face, newcomer; modern humans (from Cro-Magnon man onwards)
にほんじん, にっぽんじんJapanese person, Japanese people
ちょうせんみんしゅしゅぎじんみんきょうわこくDemocratic People''s Republic of Korea (North Korea), DPRK
けいかんしじんpoet laureate
かじん(Japanese) poet
さつじんみすいattempted murder
きゅうじんoffer of job (situation)
ほうじんcorporate body, corporation, (legal) person, (juridical) person
うらびとseaside dweller
ろうにんronin, wandering samurai without a master to serve; out of work; waiting for another chance to enter a university
とくしゅほうじんsemigovernmental corporation
かりゅうど, かりうど, かりゅどhunter
えんじんape man
くろうとexpert (professional) in a given trade or profession; woman in the nightlife business, demimondaine
さんふじんかmaternity and gynaecology department (gynecology), department of obstetrics and gynaecology (gynecology)
いほうじんforeigner, stranger, gentile
ちじんdunce, fool, idiot
ほっきにんoriginator, promoter
人をらえてればぬすびとをとらえてみればわがこなりThe thief caught turn out to be one''s own son
もうじんblind person
ちしきじんan intellectual
しゃかいじんわくspecial consideration for non-traditional (older) students
人ホームろうじんホームsenior citizens'' home
ぐびじんそうfield poppy, Papaver rhoeas
ひこくにんaccused, defendant, prisoner at the bar
そうこうじんいんうんぱんしゃarmored personnel carrier, armoured personnel carrier
み人らずよみびとしらずauthor unknown, anonymous; unknown waka composer
ゆうかいはんにんa kidnapper, an abductor
ざいだんほうじんincorporated foundation, juridical foundation
けんじんwise man
ちょうじんsuperman, superwoman; Ubermensch (e.g. Nietzsche''s ideal man of the future), overman
ぐんじんmilitary personnel, soldier
うんぱんにんcarrier, conveyor
ほうじんfellow countryman; Japanese (nationals or residents)
りんじんneighbour, neighbor, neighbourhood, neighborhood
るいじんえんanthropoid, troglodyte
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