meaning "lord, chief, master, main thing, principal"
onyomi シュ, ス, シュウ
kunyomi ぬし, おも, あるじ
シュ、ぬし、おもmain, master, principle, lead
しゅじんhead of household; husband; proprietor
主もにぬしもにmainly, mostly, principally
主におもにmainly, primarily (adv)
ご主ごしゅじんyour husband, her husband (n)
しゅふa housewife, a homemaker
やぬしlandlord (n)
しゅちょうclaim, request, insistence, assertion (n,vs)
こしゅhead of household
ち主もちぬしthe owner, the possessor, the proprietor
しゃしゅthe proprietor (owner) of a company
じしゅてきindependent, autonomous
しゅにんperson in charge, responsible official
しゅさいorganization, organisation, sponsorship
しゅいんprimary cause, main factor
しゅさいsupervision, chairmanship
しゅさいしゃpresident, chairman
しゅしんchief umpire
しゅしょうcommander-in-chief, (team) captain
しゅどうmain leadership
しゅどうけんhegemony, leadership, initiative
しゅほうthe highest peak
しゅはんmain sail
しゅせきhead, chief; chairman, governor, president; top student, head of the class; top seat, first desk (in orchestra)
しゅかんchief editor, managing editor; manager, person in charge
しゅやくleading part, leading actor (actress)
しゅけんsovereignty, supremacy, dominion
しゅけんしんぱんinfringement of sovereignty
しゅりゅうmain current (stream), mainline, mainstream
しゅえんstarring, playing the leading part
しゅはんprincipal offence, principal offense, principal offender
しゅはんhead position
しゅがんmain point
しゅほうmain battery, main armament
しゅぎdoctrine, rule, principle
しゅよくmain wings (of an aeroplane, airplane)
しゅにじprimary rainbow
しゅようchief, main, principal, major
しゅひんmain guest, guest of honor, guest of honour
しゅじくmain shaft
きょうらくしゅぎepicureanism, hedonism
ていしゅmaster, host, landlord, innkeeper, husband
ていしゅかんぱくhusband who rules the roost, domineering husband; the hectoring of the husband
きょうさんしゅぎcommunism, collectivism
くんしゅruler, monarch
もしゅchief mourner
こくすいしゅぎnationalism, extreme patriotism
ぼうずBuddhist priest, bonze; close cropped hair, crew cut, person with a shorn head; boy (used both endearingly and disparagingly)
けりゃまでぼうずにくけりゃけさまでにくいhate everything about a person
じょうしゅlord of a castle
そうしゅこくsuzerain state, state that controls another in international affairs, but allows it domestic sovereignty
きゅうはんしゅformer feudal lord
主主ちょうせんみんしゅしゅぎじんみんきょうわこくDemocratic People''s Republic of Korea (North Korea), DPRK
かぶぬしshareholder, stockholder
みんしゅdemocracy, popular sovereignty; democratic
めいしゅleader, leading power
らぬはしらぬはていしゅばかりなりOnly the husband does not know
そうかつしゅさいしゃ(electoral) campaign manager
はんしゅfeudal lord, daimyo
り主おくりぬしsender (of a present)
い主やといぬし, こしゅemployer
い主かいぬしshepherd, (pet) owner
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