meaning "down, below"
onyomi カ, ゲ
kunyomi した, しも, もと, さ.げる, さ.がる, くだ,お.ろす, お.りる
じょうげhigh and low, up and down, unloading and loading
下がるさがるto go down, to lower
下げるさげるto lower, to drop
〜の下〜のしたbelow, beneath
下りるおりるto descend a mountain, to (descend) go down staiirs
下すおろすto lower, to let go down (v5s)
下さるくださる(hon) to give, to confer (v5aru)
下りくだりdown-train (going away from Tokyo) (n,n-suf)
下るくだるto get down, to descend (v5r)
いかless than; under; below
下するていかするto fall, to go down
みぎしたlower-right hand
かひんinferior article
ちかunder ground
下りあまくだりdescent from heaven
宿するげしゅくするto room (board, lodge)
宿げしゅくboarding, lodging, boarding house (n,vs)
やましたYamashita: a Japanese surname
ろうかcorridor (n)
へたunskillful, poor, awkward (adj-na,n)
げじゅんmonth (last third of) (n-adv,n-t)
かくa rough draft
げすいdrainage, sewage, ditch, gutter, sewerage (n)
ちかすいunderground water (n)
めしたone''s inferiors
下ろすみおろすto overlook, to command a view of, to look down
するげしゃするto get off
ちかてつthe subway, the underground, the Tube (Metro)
げたgeta (Japanese footwear), wooden clogs (n)
下っしたっぱらabdomen, stomach, under parts
下りくだりざかdescent, downhill, decline, waning
かいlow rank, subordinate, lower order (e.g. byte), low-end
かりょうsubordinates, petty officials
げこくじょうjuniors dominating seniors, retainer supplanting his lord
かりlower official
したくちびる, かしんlower lip
しもさかdownhill, decline, waning
げしょうperson of humble birth
かげん(moon''s) last quarter
したじきdesk pad, mat; something lying underneath, pinned under, crushed beneath
げすいこうdrainage ditch, canal
げすいどうdrain, sewer, drainage system
げごくbeing sent to prison
げりdiarrhoea, diarrhea
ったげりがうつったinfected with diarrhea (diarrhoea)
げりどめantidiarrheal, paregoric, obstipant
かきゅうlower grade, low class, junior (officer)
したぬいbasting, temporary sewing
かしthe legs, lower extremities
しもぶくれabdominal swelling, fat face
しもぶくれround-faced, large at bottom
げらくdepreciation, decline, fall, slump
かしgrant, bestowal, giving something to someone of low social standing (by a person of very high social standing)
げろうservant, valet, menial
かこうdownward, descent, fall, drop, subsidence
かいんlower house, lower (legislative) body
けるげたをあずけるto leave everything to (someone)
げたやclog shop
りょうへいかTheir Majesties, the Emperor and Empress
きんじょうへいかthe reigning emperor, His Majesty the Emperor
下げねさげcut in price
さんかaffiliated with, under jurisdiction of, under the umbrella
下げりさげdecrease in interest rates
けしょうしたmake-up base
ひげself-abasement, humility, self-depreciation
きゃっかrejection, dismissal
こくおうへいかHis Majesty the King
じかたびwork tabi, split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles
じょうかまちcastle town, town around castle
てんのうへいかHis Majesty the Emperor
じょおうへいかHer Majesty the Queen
殿ひでんかprincess, Her Royal Highness
まくしたthird highest sumo division, wrestlers of the third highest sumo division
ゆかしたunder the floor
き下げひきさげreduction, cut
り下げるほりさげるto dig down, to delve into, to get to the bottom of (a matter), to investigate further
下がりひるさがりearly afternoon
きかword of respect added to the addressee''s name on a letter; under the desk
下にさずりかにかんむりをたださずavoiding the appearance of evil (lit: don''t straighten your crown under a plum tree)
まつしたでんこうMatsushita Electric Works
殿でんか, てんがyour Highness, his (or her) Highness
ひょうてんかbelow freezing
ちんかsinking, subsidence
てきかdrip, drop, distill
おうこうへいかHer Majesty the Queen
かでんりかBe careful not to invite the least suspicion, Leave no room for scandal
こうごうへいかher majesty the Empress
ひかしぼうsubcutaneous fat
がんかunder one''s eyes, below
えりしたusu. the drop between collar and bottom hem on kimono, yukata, etc.
下げちんさげpay cut
のきしたunder the overhang of a Japanese roof
へいかyour Majesty, his (or her) Majesty
れいかsubordinates, followers
れいかbelow zero, sub-zero
こまげたlow wooden clogs, komageta
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