meaning "ten thousand"
onyomi マン, バン
kunyomi よろず
いちまんえんten thousand yen
万がまんがいちby some rare chance
ほぼほぼいちまんえんabout 10,000 yen
まんいちby some chance, by some possibility, if by any chance
まんten thousand
ひゃくまんにんone million people
ばんざいhurrah, cheers
ばんこくall the countries (in the world)
まんねんひつfountain pen
ばんにん, ばんじん, まんにんall people, everybody; ten thousand people
ばんぜんperfection, flawlessness
ばんじん10000 fathoms, great depth, great height
ばんのう, まんのうall-purpose, utility; almighty, omnipotent
まんげきょう, ばんかきょうkaleidoscope
ばんりthousands of miles
じんかんばんじさいおうがうまinscrutable are the ways of heaven, fortune is unpredictable and changeable
おくまんmillions and millions
じゅうまん100,000, hundred thousand
いちまんえん10,000 Yen
すうまんtens of thousands
しんらばんしょうall things in nature, the whole creation
ひゃくまん1,000,000, one million; many
ひゃくまんべんmillion times, praying a million times
いかんせんばんhighly regrettable, utterly deplorable
きんいちまんえん10,000 Yen
きんじゅうまんえん100,000 Yen
ほうていばんり(over) a great distance, (a long journey (flight, voyage)) to (from) a faraway place
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