meaning "one"
onyomi one
kunyomi ひと-, ひと.つ|イチ, イツ
一つひとつone thing
ひとりone person
いちまんえんten thousand yen
が一まんがいちby some rare chance
ほぼ一ほぼいちまんえんabout 10,000 yen
いちにちじゅうall day long
まんいちby some chance, by some possibility, if by any chance
ひとりひとりone by one, each, one at a time (n-t)
ひとやすみa rest (n)
の一ごぶんのいちone fifth
いちだいone (machine, vehicle)
一のどういつのthe same (as), identical (with)
どういつidentity, sameness, similarity (adj-na,adj-no,n)
ゆいいつonly, sole, unique (adv,n)
の一よんぶんのいちone quarter
いっかa house, a home, a family, a household (n)
いちねんone year
もう一もういちどonce more
いちどにall at once (adv)
いちおうonce, tentatively, in outline, for the time being
ついたちfirst day of the month
おとといthe day before yesterday
いっさくねんyear before last (n-adv,n-t)
いちじmoment, time (n-adv,n)
一かいっかげつone month
いちだんとgreater, more, further, still more (adv)
いちりゅうfirst class, top grade, foremost, top-notch (n)
いちねんせいfirst-year student
すきいちばんすき favourite
いちばんnumber one
ひとめでat a glance
いっしゅんa moment, an instant (n-adv,n-t)
いちびょうsecond (time)
いっしゅa species, a kind, a variety (adv,n)
とういつunity, consolidation, uniformity (n,vs)
いっしょtogether (adv,n)
ひとことsingle word (n)
ひととおりordinary, usual, in general, briefly (adj-no,n)
いちりone league
いちねんかんa year
いっしゅうかんone week
いちじかんone hour
一一ひゃくじゅうきゅうばんambulance and fire brigade emergency tel. no. (in Japan)
いっちょうone block (city); piece, an order
いちがんlump, (into) one
ひとりむすめan only daughter
らしひとりぐらしa single life, a solitary life, living alone
ひとりずもうfighting (tilting at) windmills, working oneself up even though there really isn''t anything to fight at; single-person mimicking a wrestling match
いちい, イチイfirst place, first rank, unit''s position; Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata)
いっさcolonel (JSDF)
いっぴょうone (straw) bagful
いっこpiece, fragment, one (object)
いちばいone share, one amount
いちおく100,000,000, one hundred million
いちろくしょうぶgambling, speculation
いちえんwhole district, one yen, throughout
いっさつone copy (e.g. book)
いっとうりょうだんcutting in two with a single stroke, taking decisive (drastic) measure, cutting the (Gordian) knot
いちぶいちりん(not even) a bit of, (not even) a hint of, (not) an iota of
わずいちぶいちりんもたがわずto be exactly alike
いっさいall, everything, without exception, the whole, entirely, absolutely
一刹いっせつな(a) moment, an instant
いっこくminute, moment, an instant; stubborn, hot-headed
いっしゃくone shaku
いっぴきone animal; two-tan bolt of cloth
いっしょうunit of old Japanese liquid measurement, 1800 cc
いっしょうびん1 sho bottle (1.8 litres)
いちらんせいそうせいじidentical twins
いっくphrase (verse, line); one haiku-poem
いっくよむto make up a haiku poem
いっしゅう, ひとめぐりonce around, a revolution, a lap, a turn, a round, one full year
いっしゅうねんone full year
いっしゅうきfirst anniversary of death
いっきいちゆうnow rejoicing, now worrying, swinging from joy to sorrow, glad and sad by turns, alternating hope and fear, unable to put one''s mind at ease
いっかつcry in a thundering voice, one roar
ひとつぼほんしゃsmall company headquarters located in Tokyo simply for name value
いちどうone building (hall, temple, shrine, room)
いちるいfirst base, (a) fort
いっかい, ひとかたまりone lump, one group
いっかい, ひとかたまりone lump, one group
いちや, ひとや, ひとよone night, all night, overnight, one evening
いちひめにたろうIt''s good to have a girl first and then a boy
いってい, いちじょうfixed, settled, constant, definite, uniform, regularized, regularised, defined, standardized, standardised, certain, prescribed
いっしつone room
いっしんfirst instance, first trial
いっすんone sun (approx. 3.03 cm); a little bit (of time, distance, etc.)
いっすんさきan inch ahead, the immediate future
いちいcaptain (JSDF)
いっしゃくapprox. 30 cm
いっそう, いっそmuch more, still more, all the more, (would) rather, sooner, might as well; single layer (or storey, etc.)
いちじゅんbeat, round
いったいregion, zone, whole place
ひとまくone act
いちげんきんsingle-stringed Japanese zither
いちりつevenness, uniformity, monotony, equality
いってつobstinate, stubborn, inflexible
いってつものstubborn person
いっこだて(separate) house
いちわbundle, bunch
いちまつ(a) touch of, tinge of, wreath (e.g. of smoke); one stroke, one brush
いっかつall together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up
ひとくるめone bunch, one bundle, one lot
いっかつはらいlump-sum payment
いっきょone effort, one action
いっそうclean sweep
ひとにぎりhandful, small handful
ひとつまみpinch (of something), one piece; easy victory
ひとつまみpinch (of something), one piece; easy victory
いっぱいone defeat
いっせいsimultaneous, all at once
いっせいにsimultaneously, all at once
いっせいやすall-round (market) decline
いっせいしゃげきvolley firing, fusillade, broadside
いっせいけんきょwholesale arrest, round-up
いっせいだかall-round (market) advance
いっと1 to (~18l)
いっきん1 kin (~0.6kg); 1 loaf of bread
いちぞくfamily, relatives, dependents; household
いったんonce; for a moment, temporarily; one morning
いちじゅんten days
ひとむかしages, long time, decade, the past ten years
いちじしのぎmakeshift, temporary expedient, stopgap measure
いちじしきんlump-sum grant
ひとばんone evening, all night, overnight
いっそうmaster sergeant (JSDF)
いっぽんすぎ(a) solitary cryptomeria tree
いっぽんずり, いっぽんづりfishing with a pole
いちじょうstreak, matter, quotation
いっぱいcup of ..., drink; full; to the utmost, up to (one''s income), (a) lot of, much
いちまいone thin flat object, one sheet
ひとむねone house, the same house
いちがいにunconditionally, as a rule
いっそうしきone-part washing machine
いちじきおくfirst memory
いっぽ(a) step; level, stage; small degree, small amount
いちだんmore, much more, still more, all the more; part (of a talk); Japanese verb group; first rank (in martial arts, etc.)
いっせつな(a) moment, an instant
いっきdrink! (said repeatedly as a party cheer)
ひとあせdoing a job, riding and sweating up a horse
いっぱくstopping one night
ひとあわ(a) blow, (a) shock
かせるひとあわふかせるto give a surprise (or blow), to scare the hell out of
ひとしずく, いってきdrop (of fluid)
いっすいのゆめan empty dream
いっかくせんきんgetting rich quick
いっかんlink (e.g. a part of a larger plan)
いっしょうけんめいvery hard, with utmost effort, with all one''s might, for dear life
いっしょうがいlifetime, one''s whole life, all through life
いちなんboy, eldest son
いちばんどりfirst cockcrowing
いちじょうone mat
ひとくせtrait, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy
いちもくりょうぜんapparent, obvious, very clear
いちぼうone sweep (of the eye), an unbroken view
いっすい(usu. in negative sentences) (not) a wink of sleep
ひとねむり(usu. in positive sentences) (a) sleep, (a) nap; first sleep of silkworms
いっしゅんかんmoment, instant
いっしan arrow, (a) retort
いっせきにちょうkilling two birds with one stone
いちれいbow (salute, greeting)
いっぴょうballot, vote
ひとかせぎjob, gain
いったんone end, an end; part, fragment
いっとうぐんそうsergeant first-class
ひとすじone long straight object (e.g. strand of hair, beam of light); a single bloodline; earnest, resolute, intent; ordinary, common
ひとすじなわ(piece of) rope; ordinary method
いっこpiece, fragment, one (object)
いっかねんone year
いっせつ, ひとふしa verse (e.g. in the Bible), stanza, paragraph, passage, a joint, section, a tune, note, strain, measure
ひとつぶ(a) grain
いちりゅうしきやくone particle irreducible (physics)
ひとつぶだねan only child
いっきゅうone grade, first-class, primary
いちげんきんsingle-stringed Japanese zither
いちぐんgroup, flock, crowd, herd; wide expanse (of flowers)
いちよく(a) part
いっちcoincidence, agreement, union, match; conformity, consistency; cooperation
いっぱんgeneral, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
いっぱんにin general
いっぱんかいけいgeneral accounting and finance
いっぱんかgeneralization, generalisation, popularization, popularisation
いっぱんばくりょうgeneral staff
いっぱんてきpopular, typical, general
いっしょく, いっしき, ひといろone color, one colour, one article
いっきくone scoop (of water)
いちれんたくしょうsharing one''s lot with another
いっしどうじんloving every human being with impartiality, universal brotherhood, universal benevolence
いちらんat a glance, (a) look, (a) glance, (a) summary; (school) catalog, catalogue
いちらんひょうlist, table, schedule, catalogue, catalog
いっかく, イッカクcorner, section, point; one horn; narwhal (Monodon monoceros)
いっしょくそくはつcritical (touch and go) situation, explosive situation
いっかんconsistency, coherence, integration; one kan (8.333 lbs)
いちやく(at) one bound
いっけんone house
いっけんいっけんhouse to house, door to door
いっけんやdetached house, single house; isolated house
いちりんざしvase for one flower
いっぺんとうcomplete devotion to one side
いちずwholeheartedly, earnestly
いちれんseries, chain, sequence; two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper); verse, stanza
いっぺんonce, one time, (all at) once, in one sitting; exclusively, only, alone
いちぶone part, one portion, one section, some; one copy (e.g. of a document)
いっかくone block, enclosure
いっさんかたんそcarbon monoxide
いちりづかmilestone (1 ri apart)
いちじょうone tablet or pill; tray, salver
いちぐう, ひとすみcorner, nook
いっかいone floor, first floor
いっせきone boat, one ship
いっせきがんsharp eye, critical eye, discerning eye, an opinion
ひとしきりfor a while
いっこ(take no) notice of
ひとふろ(a) bath
いっしゅtanka, poem
いちだhorse load
ひとこまscene, frame, shot
いっきone horseman
いっきとうせんbeing a match for a thousand, being a mighty warrior (combatant, player)
いっきうちpersonal combat, one-to-one fight
いっきょうsurprise, amazement
いっこthe first beat of the war drum
せかいいちbest in the world
にしゃたくいつtwo alternatives, selecting an option (from two alternatives)
ひといちばいmore than others, redoubled, unusual
はっこういちうuniversal brotherhood, all eight corners of the world under one roof
じっぱひとからげ, じゅっぱひとからげlumping together all sorts of things, making sweeping generalizations, dealing with various things under one head
じっぱひとからげ, じゅっぱひとからげlumping together all sorts of things, making sweeping generalizations, dealing with various things under one head
せんざいいちぐうonce in a lifetime (opportunity), (a golden opportunity that may) happen only once in a thousand years
たんいつsingle, simple, sole, individual, unitary
ゆいいつむにone and only, unique
じんじょういちようordinary, common, mediocre
たくいつchoosing an alternative
一桁しょうわひとけた(member of the generation born in) the first nine years of the Showa period (from 1926 to 1934)
きりひとはfalling paulownia leaf signaling the beginning of autumn (fall)
して鼠一たいざんめいどうしてねずみいっぴきmuch ado about nothing, The mountains have have brought forth a mouse (Aesop)
第一だいいっせいfirst tone, first speech
第一だいいっぽfirst step
しゅうしいっかんconsistency, unchanging from beginning to end
を一にするきをいつにするto concur, to be the same (thought, opinion, etc.), to have the same way of doing
ちくいち, ちくいつone by one, in detail, minutely
貿かんぜいぼうえきいっぱんきょうていGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (abolished in 1995), GATT
ずいいちbest, greatest, first
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