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X Saves the World

a book review

product linkX Saves the World
sub-title'How Generation X Got The Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking'
authorJeff Gordinier
date reviewed2013.09.04
genreSocial Science

This is an entertaining book on Gen X's place in the world as a recessive generation caught between the Boomers and the Millennials. A generation depicted as inheriting a world with as many problems as the preceding two generations had opportunities. A world in which they are ignored (no Time magazine cover when Gen X started turning 40!). A world in which the political climate makes organized social change next to impossible. And in which the economic world ensures reduced outcomes for Gen X, the first generation to miss the good times.

The book's purpose is to document the small ways in which Gen X is seizing the day, from local education initiatives to personal outlets such as "Get Your War On". (Which I admit was fun in the day.)

It's an entertaining read. Yes, we inherited a world descending into chaos and scarcity in nearly ever measure. But I think we'll be well-situated to lead on larger terms when TSHTF. Anyone who's interested in inter-generational politics might do well to read "The Fourth Turning".

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