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Water Storage

a book review

product linkWater Storage
sub-titleTanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds for Domestic Supply, Fire and Emergency Use
authorArt Ludwig
date reviewed2012.01.03

This is a how-to on creating your own water storage. I'm a bit of a prepper and bought this in an attempt to understand water management. The book appears to have started life as a more-loosely printed affair, perhaps a DIY pamphlet or something, as it's got that size and feel, with rough paper and black-and-white images of varying quality.

There are illustrated ideas throughout this slim book on a number of scenarios.

I eventually settled on buying and storing a couple dozen large water containers, which I kept for emergencies and in fact used on two occasions when the local water supply was disabled. Not exactly a zombie apocalypse, but who's complaining.

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