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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

a book review

product linkThe Cat Who Walks Through Walls
authorRobert A. Heinlein
date reviewed2005.07.06

Not having learned my lesson with "Friday", I started this one only to get a sense that Heinlein had written himself (author with a military history) into the story in a way that just fails to engage. All the characters are boring, the story is jammed with superfluous crap stemming from the author's political and "social" views (cue the incest?). This book is billed as a comedy, which is mind-blowing.

I can't remember whose book I was reading when I picked this up but I certainly didn't buy it and didn't finish it. I mean incest isn't a "theme". I'm pretty sure that something was wrong with Heinlein at this point - alcoholism, perhaps. People rave about his earlier work but .. no thanks.

👎🏽 not recommended!

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