Rich Dad Poor Dad

A book review.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

'What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money - That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!'

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

published: 2011.06.14

ISBN: 9781612680194

genre: Business (Management)


👎🏽 not recommended!


This is a book on helping yourself financially at any cost. Taking advantage of people, delaying payment, trading on insights gleaned through shady networks, you name it.

The author comes across as a clueless smirking scumbag who values nothing but amassing wealth. He details his meteoric rise selling unnecessarily expensive office equipment during Hawaii's post-war modernization period, then applying his cash to a series of investments. The whole thing is as irreproducible today – when the middle class that made it possible is rapidly vanishing – as it was unprecedented at the time.

So what's the big advice?

1. Don't try to run a business – too hard, and it enriches people other than yourself!

2. Kids? Nope; find yourself a spouse as equally money-obsessed as you, just as the author did.

3. Value a career spent in academia (as the author's father did?) hell no. Get your photo taken with Donald Trump and slap that in the back of your book.

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