How To Write a Novel

A book review.

How To Write a Novel

by John Braine

published: 1974.09.01

ISBN: 0413315401

genre: Writing


👍🏼 recommended


In How To Write a Novel, author John Braine presents a number of techniques that are at once sensical and well-presented. I enjoyed reading this book, and found it quite useful. It's full of good, straight-forward advice, and I recommend it. It's full of tips and opinions from the long-time author, ranging from:

Braine also paints some broad strokes of what he considers to be the writer's 'type', and comments at some length about the relative merit of hanging out with other writers, writer's classes, etc.

Readers may find the older (and quite English) style a little odd, but the book's tone and clarity - as well as its content - made it an excellent, informative read full of ideas. This is one of the most dog-eared books I own.

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