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Chaos Comes Again

a book review

product linkChaos Comes Again
authorWilhelmina Baird
date reviewed2001.06.12

This is a book I found on my mum's shelf while I was staying with her after my turn from Australia. It's an imaginative work, and contains some interesting ideas, settings and scenes. Initially, anyway. Then it becomes more "Heinlein Rides Again".

This is a novel set far into humanity's future, a bizarre world where humans have developed the abilities to change form, communicate across vast interstellar distances, and - unfortunately - fly though space unaided. I found the story difficult to follow and the characters hard to identify with. It's as if the vast physical differences between them and me made the story too alien.

Towards the end, things have drifted to the point where I wasn't sure what was going on anymore; not the kind of unsure that keeps you reading, but the kind of unsure where you think, 'does the author know where's she's going?' and flip to the back of the book to read the last few pages.

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