Bootstrapping Design

A book review.

Bootstrapping Design

'Economics And Ethics After The Fall'

by Jarrod Dysdale

published: 2012


genre: Business (Marketing)


👍🏼 recommended


This is a self-published e-book by a designer who believes that most web-based start-ups a) absolutely need competent web design to succeed but b) obviously can't afford to pay a designer. His solution: follow some simple rules and his guidance to achieve a competent, attractive design without going broke.

I followed his advice and came up with an entirely new design for this site as a testing ground for his ideas in advance of redesigning my employer's design. His advice works, and I am downright thankful for the succinct way that he covers the major points in a readable and engaging way. And what more can you say about a book.

The hell of the high speed of Internet evolution rears its head in this e-book, unfortunately, as the strength of his advice on using pay-for fonts has already been diminished in utility by the advent of a free version of that service that delivers goods that are just as high-quality. I'm sure the same aging is happening to this review as I write it.

The $39 asking price may be a bit steep for a book this thin, but again, the point is to save you a fortune (and perhaps several months) working with a professional designer.

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