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All You Need To Know About Action Research

a book review

product linkAll You Need To Know About Action Research
authorMcNiff J. and Whitehead, J.
date reviewed2014.08.04
genreSocial Science

Another academic book that I used in my masters dissertation, this is a work on the subject of the "action research" methodology. Citing Wikipedia (because I can, this ain't my dissertation):

"Action research is a philosophy and methodology of research generally applied in the social sciences. It seeks transformative change through the simultaneous process of taking action and doing research, which are linked together by critical reflection."

This type of research is typically used by people studying their surrounds while on the job. I was looking at it for my work but ultimately went a different way. Still, the book was well laid out, had a lot of supporting diagrams and examples, and was clearly written. I'd rate this among the better of the books I wound up reading for my dissertation.

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