the nature of reality


I am very wise. I mean I must be, I have a website! And that's how it works, right?

luck (and bird shit)

One of my beliefs is that everything in life is attributable in some (large) respect to luck.

turning thirty

And then, quite suddenly, I turned thirty.

turning forty

Wow, I've turned forty. And it's wrought some changes!

turning fifty

They say that fifty is the new forty. But looking back, comparing the two ages seems absurd.

oh Fermi and your paradox

Why the Fermi paradox is so interesting, and why I blame theropods.

quantum science for a real mind-bend

Quantum science is crazy I don't know where to start. Fun!

allosaurus vs. t-rex

My son is, as I write this, four years old. He's been a rabid fan of dinosaurs for over half his life. Curiously, he prefers the T-Rex to the Allosaurus. Here's why he's wrong.


I have some food sensitivities, and caffeine is certainly one of them. This is my tale of caffeine use and addiction.

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rand()m quote

When I was a teenager I was sure I'd be dead before I was thirty. Let's just say that I am well into some serious gravy time now but sometimes I wonder if I am actually dead and this is hell.

—anonymous blog comment