Street photography, the deceptively delicate art.
streets of torontostreets of toronto
The many streets that make up Toronto's grid and its spaces inbetween.
tokyo streetstokyo streets
This sprawling collection houses my thousands of Tokyo street photos. Enjoy!
streets of Canadian citiesstreets of Canadian cities
Canadian city streets tend to be a little more aloof and less busy. But not always.
streets of manilastreets of manila
Street photos from Manila.
some people's childrensome people's children
Pics of kids and parents.
streets of shanghai, '09streets of shanghai, '09
Taken on the bustling, mad streets of Shanghai in 2009.
one day in Tokyo-Yokohamaone day in Tokyo-Yokohama
One day I decided to hop on my bike and go to Yokohama. I figure it was a 50-60km round trip. While I got nailed by a big rainstorm on the way back, it was a fine way to spend an afternoon away from my otherwise uninterrupted struggles to get a business off the ground. I've mapped my approximate route here.
streets of Montrealstreets of Montreal
I visited Montreal briefly in 2011.