Photos from my exploration of this world. I've been to some seventeen countries, to date—taking photos as I went.
dominican republicdominican republic
new zealandnew zealand
Photos of my home land, Canada.
united statesunited states
I've visited the US a number of times. Curiously, I seldom seem to take as many photos as I might like, but it's a place very much worth exploring, rivaling Australia for rugged outdoor splendor stamped with its own brand of urban .. photographic opportunities.
I really like Mexico. It's a great place to take photos.
Europe. Lots of little countries, not enough time.
Photos of my time in that country, 2005-2010.
I really enjoyed my one visit to Thailand. Unfortunately we only had a week, but it's an amazing place to see with a camera in hand.
Never imagined I'd find myself in some of the countries I've been to. Fiji was one. Philippines was another. The Philippines seems like the sort of place you could explore with a camera ... forever!
My travels in China.
The amazing nation of Fiji!
sea shoressea shores
On the shore.