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m. werneburg, 2012.04.04

1. applying for the exam

You need to apply for permission to write the PMP exam (you can do this at To do this, it's best to assemble all of your information in one place before you apply. To do that, I've modified a form for recording project experience (the original of this was made by Laura Mansueti in my class).

The guide is here.

See the example on page three for a guide in how to fill in each section. On page two I've made a visual representation of some of the projects I was running in the time prior to my PMP exam.

2. tracking your practice exams

Rita Mulcahy's "PMPĀ® Exam Prep, Seventh Edition"

After I made the exam aid below, I decided that one would be useful for the "Rita" book. So here it is.

As with the Farndale spreadsheet below, this tracks your progress as you punch in your results. The front page shows your results as you make your way through the exam. I did this repeatedly until my average was 89.5% and then passed my PMP exam.

rita mulcahy PMP exam progress tracking

Farndale's Preparation Guide

The first item I assembled was this tool for recording and tracking your progress through a practice exam contained within the useful "Farndale's PMP and CAPM Preparation Guide" by Procept Associates. The guide itself is a free download from Procept. The guide and the exam are copyright of Procept.

My tool tracks your performance through the exam, and gives you feedback on each answer as you enter them. For an explanation for answers you get wrong, you can see the back of the guide itself.

farndale PMP exam progress tracking

I found this exam both practical and helpful. From the results above you can see that I did better on the first half of the exam (87.2%) than I did on the second (74.9%). This is because I was half-way through my second run of the test when I took this snapshot. In other words, having run through the test and studied the areas where I was weak, I improved my results by about 12%. (One outlier in the second half of the exam is the risk management section, but then I do risk management for a living.)

These spreadsheet tools were compiled for the editions of the respective exams which were current in 2012. They are distributed under Canadian Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.5).

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reader comments

This is a great article, definitely some gems of wisdom in there. I've been studying for the PMP certification exam for some time now, and any extra help or thoughts I can get, I really appreciate. I've also been using some of these practice exams below that have really helped me. I thought I'd share in case anybody is interested, it could really help:

Lucy M.

Thanks for the comments, Lucy. Good luck with your attempt!

(Getting people through the PMP's becoming something of an industry in of itself, isn't it.)