new spells for B-X D&D

m. werneburg, 2014.12.17

I've invented some spells for basic/expert D&D. I'll be documenting them here as I go.

Divine (Mystic / Cleric)

Focus (Distract)

Duration:1 min / level

Grants a willing individual the ability to concentrate without error for the duration. Does not impact their awareness of their surrounds.

Or; restores normal alertness to a stunned or disoriented party (e.g. suffering from shock or a concussion) or someone afflicted by Confusion.

Distract prevents a creature from concentrating on a task. Such a distracted individual cannot cast a spell, pick a lock, etc. Requires a successful "to hit" on 2d6 according to the caster's level, and allowing for WIS modifier.


Duration:@3rd: one time
@4th: 1 day / level
@5th: 1 year / level
Range:Line of sight

Cast at the third level, Blessing causes an action to succeed: something/someone survives a breath weapon; a trap is found and disarmed; a friendly source of aid is located; safe food is sourced. May be cast once a day.

When cast at fourth level, causes a major act of good fortune against all hope: a ship finds safe-haven in a storm; a party evades pursuers; a lost child is found; a way out of a labyrinth is found. May be cast once a week.

When cast at fifth level, a place enjoys unusually good fortune for the duration, absent of willful acts of destruction. A farm’s crops are dependable; a well stays bountiful and clean; a rickety construction stays whole. Range is 100m in diameter. May be cast once a month.

Nature (Druid)

Find path

Duration:1 hour / level
Range:see below

Allows the caster to see a route through tangled, rocky, swampy, or otherwise impassable terrain, leading away from the spot of casting in the direction of the caster’s choosing. The path revealed is up to 500m / level.

a path reveals itself