my D&D game world

m. werneburg, 2015.12.25

This game describes the goings-on in a world called Sppang. A swollen, fractured moon presides over a landscape marred by the trails of vast worms and pocked by the smoking ruins of lost kingdoms. It’s the home to several sentient species, ranging from gnomes to giants. A state of uneasy truce lies about the place, always on the verge of crisis.

Haunting the empty places are goblins and gnolls. There used to be orcs, but the gnolls proved hungrier.

Some beings are hale and fit, like the faun-like forest guardian erdei. Others are diseased, undead, or cursed. An ogre is a human who angered the gods. Vampirism, Trollism, and Ghoul Disorder are recognized diseases on Sppang. Disease is cured by fire.

The halflings are fey, not Tolkien. You might think of them as day-walking goblins who’ve (almost) renounced chaos. "Thief" is not a player class in this game; wink.

The towering, quiet erdei are also fey. Seven feet tall, horned and aloof, they are moving into lands abandoned by city-and-farm builders. They are the world’s druids.

Meanwhile, the dwarves of Sppang are a fun-loving bunch of gregarious mixers. Enormously strong, thick of chest, with protruding eye ridges, broad noses, and right at home in the cold. Man-dwarf hybrids are not uncommon, and they’re tolerated quite well in both populations.

The blue-skinned elves, strumming their lutes and reading their books, think it’s all ghastly. There is no such thing as a half-elf. The elves appear to be in charge, but they’re still hurting after some kind of apocalypse, and their elders seem worried.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the dragon population seems to be bouncing back from a choke-point, and resurgent fire dragons have been reducing human and dwarf kingdoms to ruins. No one has seen green or blue dragon in eons, and the metal dragons are rarely spotted. The earth dragons come up with no surprise: raids, terror, plunder. But everyone’s sure the water dragons are up to something – some even claim to have seen their fishy new three-eyed allies from the deep.

Giant worms, bulettes, ankheg, and remorhaz prowl the provinces. But any adventurer can tell you that what the elves call "rogue bioweapons" are worse: owlbears, stirges, and driders. They're why forests are the worst.


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Hi Michael,thanks for helping me and my small son to build up some models I liked when I was a child!Stefan


Glad I could help!