meaning "somebody, person, one's station in life"
onyomi シン
なかみcontents, the substance
しんしんmind and body (n)
しんたいthe body (n)
ぜんしんthe whole body, full-length (portrait) (n)
さしみsliced raw fish (n)
じしんby oneself, personally (n)
body, main part, oneself, sword (n)
みぶんsocial position, social status (n)
しんちょうheight (of body), stature (n)
しゅっしんperson''s origin (town, city, country, etc.); institution from which one graduated; director in charge of employee relations
しゅっしんしゃalumnus (alumnae), graduate, old boy (girl); former member of an organization; former inhabitant (country, region, etc.)
し身さしみsashimi (sliced raw fish)
たんしんalone, unaided, away from home
たんしんふにんjob transfer away from one''s home, taking up a new post leaving one''s family behind
たんしんふにんしゃemployee posted away from their family
が身わがみmyself, oneself
て身すてみat the risk of one''s life
しょうしんじさつburning oneself to death, suicide by fire
どくしんbachelorhood, single, unmarried, celibate
どくしんりょうhostel for bachelors
けんしんdedication, devotion
ささみhigh-quality chicken breast meat
みのしろきんようきゅうransom demand
しんたいしょうがいしゃdisabled person, physically handicapped person
みもとperson''s identity, ID, past, background
しんろうnave (of a church)
みがらone''s person
みぎれいneat personal appearance
みづくろいdressing oneself, personal grooming
みまかるto pass away, to die
しんぺんone''s person
みぜにone''s own money
しんしょうしゃdisabled person, physically handicapped person
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