meaning "surpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam"
onyomi エツ, オツ
kunyomi こ.す, -こ.す, -ご.し, こ.える, -ご.え
り越しのりこしriding past (one''s station) (n)
っ越すひっこうすto move to a new home
越しひっこしmoving (dwelling etc.), changing residence (n)
みつこしMitsukoshi (department store)
じょうえつarea on Japan Sea side of Japan, including Niigata
ちゅうごしover center field (centre)
ち越しかちこしmore wins than losses (sport)
たくえつexcellence, superiority
たくえつふうprevailing wind
ごえつGo-Etsu, two rival states in ancient China
ごえつどうしゅうbitter enemies (placed by fate) in the same boat
いちこつ(in Japan) 1st note of the ancient chromatic scale (approx. D)
調いちこつちょう, いちこちちょう(in gagaku) scale similar to Mixolydian mode on D
越しよいごし(kept) overnight
峠を越えるとうげをこえるto pass over the peak, to cross a pass
峠を越すとうげをこすto cross over a pass, to finish the most difficult part, to be over the worst (e.g. an illness)
っ越しひっこしmoving (dwelling, office, etc.), changing residence
ち越すもちこすto carry over, to carry forward, to keep (for later), to defer
越しにまどごしにover the window sill, through the window
越えるこえるto cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of); to exceed
越しごしacross, over, beyond
えっとうpassing the winter
えっきょうborder transgression
えつねんring out the old year, hibernation
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