meaning "test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal"
kunyomi こころ.みる, ため.す
試しちからだめしtest of strength
試しょくししょくするto sample (food), to try (food)
試みるこころみるto try, to attempt (to do)
試みこころみa trial, a test, an experiment, an attempt
試すためすto try (out), to test, to (make an) experiment
しあいa game, a match, a tournament
試しためしtrial, test (n)
しけんan examination, a test, an exam
きまつしけんa final exam, an end-of-term exam
しけんをうけるto take an exam
にゅうしentrance examination
こっかしけんstate examination
きそしけんpreclinical study, basic study
えいごきそのうりょくしけんEnglish Language Proficiency Test, TOEFL
さんししけんじょsilk experiment station
しさくtrial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
ししゃpreview, private showing
しくつprospecting, trial digging
しさんtrial calculation, preliminary calculation
しれんtest, trial, probation, ordeal, tribulation
しこうさくごtrial and error
しきんせきtouchstone, test case
しれんtest, trial, probation, ordeal, tribulation
しけんべんきょうcramming for exams
しけんじょうexamination hall (room), laboratory
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