meaning "copy, be photographed, describe"
onyomi シャ, ジャ
kunyomi うつ.す, うつ.る, うつ-, うつ.し
うつ・す、うつ・る、シャcopy, duplicate
写るうつるto be reflected, to be mirrored, to be projected
写すうつすto copy, to make a copy of, to reproduce
するしゃせいするto sketch, to paint [draw] from nature
しゃしんa photograph, a photo, a picture
しゃしんをとるto take a picture
ふくしゃreproduction, duplication, a copy, a facsimile
写しうつしcopy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
しゃせいsketching, drawing from nature, portrayal, description
しゃしんはん(newspaper) cameramen
しゃしんしゅうcollection of photographs, photoalbum
びょうしゃdepiction, description, portrayal
もしゃcopy (of the real thing), copying, reproduction, tracing
しぜんびょうしゃdescription of nature
ひしゃたい(photographic) subject
ふくしゃきphotocopying machine
ししゃpreview, private showing
とうしゃcopy, transcription, mimeograph, photocopy
とうしゃきcopier, copying machine
とうしゃばんmimeograph, stencil
てんしゃなっせんtransfer print
あおじゃしんblueprint, plan
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