meaning "enter, insert"
onyomi ニュウ, ジュ
kunyomi い.る, -い.る, -い.り, い.れる, -い.れ, はい.る
はい・るto enter
入れるいれるto put into
入るはいるto enter, to contain, to hold (u-v)
し入れおしいれcloset (n)
しんにゅうpenetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
入りでいりin and out, coming and going, free association
するにりょくするto input, to enter, to type, to type in
いりぐちan entrance
でいりぐちexit and entrance (n)
にゅうじょうentrance, admission, entering (n)
にゅうがく・するentry to school or university, matriculation (n)
入れていれrepairs, maintenance (n)
ししゃごにゅうrounding up (fractions) (n)
の入りひのいりsunset (n)
にゅうしゃentry to a company (n,vs)
立入たちいりきんしdo not enter
入するきにゅうするcomplete (a form)
するにゅういんするto enter (a) hospital
にゅういん・するhospitalization (n,vs)
にゅうかんりょうan admission fee
に入るおふろにはいるto take a bath
入れしいれstocking, buying up
入りなかまいりjoining a group
かりいれきんloan, loan payable, debt
入りいりentering; setting (of the sun); containing, content, audience; income; beginning
入りいりぐち, いりくち, はいりぐち, はいりくちentrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
入り婿いりむこman who takes his wife''s name
入りいりはまsalt farm
入れいれずみ, しせい, ぶんしん, げいtattoo
入れいれちえsuggestion, hint
入れいれかえreplacement, substitution, change
にゅうこうentrance into drift or pit
にゅうじょうけんticket of admission, platform ticket
にゅうじゅくentering a private school
にゅうきょmoving into (house)
にゅうさつbid, bidding
にゅうかんplacing in the coffin
にゅうしょくsettlement, immigration
にゅうしんentering a port
にゅうよくbathe, bathing
にゅうこうentry into port
いりあいのかねevening bell, vespers bell
にゅうえんentering the garden
にゅうえんけんticket to the garden
にゅうかarrival of goods, goods received
にゅうしentrance examination
にゅうこうpaying tribute
にゅうしょうwinning a prize or place (in a contest)
にゅうちょうexcess of imports
にゅうもんprimer, manual, entering an institute, introduction to
にゅうかくjoining the cabinet
じゅっこん, じっこん, じゅこん, にゅうこんintimacy; putting one''s heart and soul into
かにゅうbecoming a member, joining, entry, admission, subscription, affiliation, adherence, signing
さんにゅうcoming, visiting, going
しゅうにゅうincome, receipts, revenue
け入れうけいれreceiving, acceptance
け入れるうけいれるto accept, to receive
入りどひょういりentrance procession of sumo wrestlers into the ring
入りよめいりmarriage, wedding
どうにゅうintroduction, bringing in, leading in, installation
入れそこいれbottoming out (of prices)
ごにゅうentering enlightenment
に入るえつにいるto be pleased, to gloat, to glow with self-satisfaction
し入りおしいりbreaking into, burglar
し入るおしいるto push in
そうにゅうinsertion, incorporation, infixing
入モードそうにゅうモードinsert mode
そうにゅうずinserted figure
はんにゅうtake in, bring in
入りつゆいり, にゅうばいentering the rainy season, beginning of the rainy season
さいにゅうannual revenue or income
こんにゅうmixing, adding, adulteration
し入れもうしいれproposal, offer, report, proposition, notice
ちょくせつこうにゅうdirect purchase
とつにゅうrushing, breaking into
入りはこいりcased, boxed
のうにゅうpayment, supply
へんにゅうadmission, incorporation
入れかたいれsupport, backing, patronage
こうにゅうpurchase, buy
こうにゅうちゅうもんpurchase order
み入れるふみいれるto walk in on, to tread upon
ゆしゅつにゅうexport and import
え入れるむかえいれるto show in, to usher in
かんにゅうsubsiding, falling (cave) in, collapse
け入れるあずけいれるto make a deposit
入るみいるto be entranced or possessed
入りなりものいりa flourish of trumpets
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