meaning "matter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly"
onyomi ジ, ズ
kunyomi こと, つか.う, つか.える
こと、ジ、ズthing, matter, fact, affair
しごとwork, a job, business, a task, an occupation
じけんevent, affair, incident (n)
けいじcriminal case, (police) detective (n)
はんじjudge, judiciary (n)
事なだいじなimportant, precious, valuable
だいじimportant, valuable, serious matter (adj-na,n)
じじつfact, truth, reality (n-adv,n)
こうじconstruction work
じごan accident, a breakdown, a failure, an incident
じじょうcircumstances, consideration, conditions, situation
じたいsituation, present state of affairs (n)
こうつうじこa traffic accident
じこaccident (n)
できごとan event, an incident
かじa fire
すいじcooking, culinary arts (n)
ぶじsafety, peace, quietness (adj-na,n)
ものごとthings, everything (n)
ちじprefectural governor (n)
い事いわいごとa celebration
ひゃっかじてんan encyclopedia
ぎょうじevent, function (n)
事なみごとなbeautiful, excellent, fine, splendid, marvelous
みごとsplendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable
こっかいぎじどうthe (Japanese) National Diet
へんじan answer, a reply
りょうじconsul (n)
しょうくじa meal
ふしょうじscandal, deplorable event
じれいexample, precedent
じてん, ことてんcyclopedia, encyclopedia
じぜんprior, beforehand, in advance
じむbusiness, office work
じむとりあつかいacting director
じむきょくsecretariat, executive office
じむづくえclerical desk
じむじかんpermanent vice-president, undersecretary, vice-minister
よりじじつはしょうせつよりきなりTruth is stranger than fiction
じじつじょう(as a) matter of fact, actually, in reality
ことがらmatter, thing, affair, circumstance
じぎょうproject, enterprise, business, industry, operations
しくことめずらしくlike something strange
じこうmatter, item, facts
事をひとにあくじをそそのかすto entice a person to do something wrong
事塞じんかんばんじさいおうがうまinscrutable are the ways of heaven, fortune is unpredictable and changeable
い事うかがいごとinquiry, enquiry
じょうだんことjoking matter
けいじそしょうcriminal action
けいじせきにんcriminal liability
ふくちじlieutenant governor
やっかいごとtrouble, difficulty, burden
さんじかんcouncillor, councilor
じょじしdescriptive poetry, epic poem
こくさいきょうりょくじぎょうだんJapan International Cooperation Agency (1974), JICA
こうないじこmine accident
きそこうじfoundation works
ついらくじこa plane crash
うちゅうかいはつじぎょうだんNational Space Development Agency, NASDA
しじstudy under, looking up, apprentice oneself
かんじexecutive secretary, coordinator, organizer, person in charge of making arrangements
かんじかいboard of governors
しょじvarious matters, everything
じゅうじengaging, pursuing, following (e.g. profession or occupation)
さんじdisaster, horrible accident
けいじauspicious event
こじorigin, historical fact, tradition
しんぶんきじnewspaper story (article, account)
きせいじじつestablished fact, fait accompli
にちじょうさはんじeveryday occurrence
じじevents of the day, current affairs
けんじpublic prosecutor
椿ちんじstrange occurrence, unusual occurrence, unexpected occurrence
みんじそしょうcivil action, civil suit, civil proceedings
みんじそしょうほう(Japanese) Civil Proceedings Act (1890, revised in 1926)
ほうりつじむしょlaw office, law firm
ちんじstrange occurrence, unusual occurrence, unexpected occurrence
りじdirector, board of directors
けんちじprefectural governor
ふくしじむしょwelfare office, social security office
ふくしじぎょうwelfare work
きれいごとfine skill, simplicity
そうりょうじconsul general
つやごとlove affair, romance
きじarticle, news story, report, account
そしょうじけんlawsuit, (legal) case
しもんじこうterms of reference
ぎじろくrecord of proceedings, minutes
ぐんじmilitary affairs
ぐんじてきしんりゃくmilitary aggression
ぐんじこもんmilitary adviser, military advisor
いんじartistic pursuits
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