second Paul, second boat

Fenelon Falls, Ontario, 2019.08.18

Today a fellow named Paul who is not our neighbour but rather the neighbor of a friend in Fenelon Falls took us out on his boat. This is not to be confused with our neighbor Paul who took us out on his boat in Toronto on Thursday. Mari and the kids splashed about in the lake while I took photos.

Mari did not enter the lake under her own power, but was pushed.

This came after an early morning fishing on the same lake, and a later morning hike up a nearby hill. It was quite a Kawarthas day and we were very happy.

And Mari drove all the way home, a first for her. It's taken quite some time for her to build enough immunity to Southern Ontario's 4-series highways for her to make such a trek herself, but she did the entire run. Woohoo!

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