an uber eats driver does something kind

Toronto, 2019.05.25

I saw an Uber Eats driver do something kind - she got off her bike to help a blind man cross Bay street. By doing that, she left her nice electric-assist bike just sitting at the corner of Bay and Dundas. So I stayed with the bike until she made her way back through all four light cycles.

What's particularly nice about her doing that is that it's in such stark contrast to the usual standards of behavior I see from Uber Eats and Foodora cycle-delivery people: riding the wrong way in a traffic or bike lane; breezing through stop signs and red lights; flipping people off left and right; or riding while using their phones. Usually Uber's more known for ignoring the law, sexism in the workplace, ignoring threats to their riders, threatening the livelihood of vulnerable taxi drivers, the worst stock IPO in US history, and other impressive feats. So cheers to at least one decent person being involved in the Uber empire.

P.S. Happy towel day!

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