too cold in Toronto for fishing, this weekend

Toronto, 2019.05.12

I took The Boy out to fish for pike on Toronto's waterfront today. Sadly, it was too windy, wet, and cold. Usually overcast and a bit of wind are good things for fishing, but we couldn't take the 8° and drizzle and 30kph wind (gusting to 50). It didn't help that the water levels are so high again this spring that the boardwalk from which we wanted to fish was under a couple of centimeters of water.

The afternoon improved. Grandma dropped by and there were flowers and cards and it was warm and there was coffee.

Before dinner we watched "Evan Almighty". Emma (just having turned seven) said, "This is the worst movie I ever saw." Grandma asked, "Why?" She said, after a pause, "The movie's .. obvious."

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