teaching people to fish

Toronto, 2019.03.03

The Boy and I took a family of friends ice fishing today. Up at four, on the ice by 07:15, and out there until 17:00, we caught only a few fish but we had a blast. The Boy and I each caught a new species in our first-ever ciscos, and we returned with a small number of perch to add to a wonderful dinner Mari had waiting for us. The thing that makes such a day fun is seeing the kids getting excited, but it's great when adults get engaged as well of course.

The drive home was a story in itself. We'd spent the day on the ice under blue skies and 102+ kPa, which explained the poor fishing. But driving home we found ourselves wading through a blizzard, then joined an enormous tailback crawling at 60kmph after we joined the outflow disgorged at a ski hill. Even on the 401 it was white-knuckle all the way at only 80kmph.

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