farewell to AWS S3

Toronto, 2018.10.20

I've figured out how to cut my spend on hosting my websites from $15 to $6. I was using a 2GBbps account on linode.com for $10/month + tax, and an AWS account to host and serve the images on "S3" for about $2/month + tax. In reviewing the options from linode, I realized that they had a $5/month option that had more than enough hard drive space and far FAR more network cap than I was ever going to use (e.g. 2-3 orders of magnitude more than I needed).

I went to AWS to host the images back in '10 or so when linode offered less hard drive space and much less network capacity. They were also much more expensive at the time - more than $20/month.

Doing some tests, I realized that the linode server was actually substantially faster than the AWS infrastructure, so I had nothing to lose in migrating my images back to the linode server.

So that's what I've done.

AWS will now serve as my backup destination, but they have better options for that than S3.

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