seven point seven billion people on one page

Toronto, 2018.10.14

I found a representation of all seven point seven people on one page - I had a heck of a time finding myself. Good luck to you.

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reader comments

somehow didn't find myself, but that's quite cool, especially the colour version that shows the little icons increasing. Interesting, twice as many bicycles built this year as cars (but twice as many computers as bicycles). Hmm, the more time I spend with it, the more fascinating it gets. Good find.


...and probably twice as many phones as computers, if not ten times as many.

Today I listened to a podcast that spoke about how our phones will soon be the platform that helps cars navigate the roads and stay apart from one another for safety (rather than, for instance, smart cars). The phone will be the platform because a) users of "micromobility" vehicles have a strong vested interest in their own safety and will therefor be earlier adopters and b) there are billions of phones produced every year and no single car manufacturer can obtain large enough market share to make their design for such a system work.