18,000 emails in 2017

Toronto, 2018.09.18

According to my inboxes, I sent or received 18,000 emails in 2017. That's exclusive of my work email accounts. Here's a graph showing the history.

I assume that the numbers prior to 2008 would change if I still had my email from my old accounts but I suspect not by too much. You can see the ramp up to my failed business in 2008, then the collapse as I returned to a country where I had to rebuild my network–which led into my student years, and then my return to the fray in late 2014. At the beginning of 2017 I started aggressively reducing the email subscriptions but the overall trend is still–insanely–going the wrong way. 18,000 emails a year last year is about 74 emails per hour of consciousness–all year.

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