all is well that ends in baboon urine

Toronto, 2018.09.08

We went to "African Lion Safari" today, so naturally the car came back decorated with baboon urine. The kids had a great time.

We then went to SOSA, the gliding club down the road from the "Safari". My father was a twenty-year member and an active volunteer–and a champion pilot. He met a few old friends and I got a tour of the facilities from an old friend who's been involved for several years. My friend even had me see if I fit in the newer, larger glider models but sadly I did not. I grew up on the fields of SOSA, spending my summer days at the club with my mum and brother and many other kids of the pilots while our dads flew.

We also went to lunch at the modern incarnation of a place in Rockton where we used to stop once in a while for ice-cream before the "long" trek back after a day at the club. The food was excellent at the Cookhouse Bistro.

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reader comments

Emma looks like a happy camper. Ken looks like a cool pre-teen. sigh


Yes, it's all passing so quickly now.