our summer of fishing

Toronto, 2018.08.13

Last night, I caught my first trout from Canadian waters. This summer has been great for fishing, I've caught about a dozen new species of fish this year, including three freshwater fish (Ayu, Kawamutsu, and last night's brown trout) and many saltwater species (red snapper, striped eel catfish, which are very dangerous; fugu; mackerel; horse mackerel; tilefish, sheepshead, rockfish, ishimochi (white croaker), isaki (grunt fish), plus a couple of one-offs that were inedible and I didn't catch the name - one of those had ornate trailers on its fins like an aquarium fish; others were the dreaded 'eso' (lizardfish or sand-diver) which reminded me of pliers).

Last night's trout was tiny but too badly damaged to throw back. It was delicious.

The fishing fun in Japan starts here.

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