mapping my travels

Nichinan, Miyazaki, 2018.07.29

A fourth typhoon is upon us today. The Boy and his grandfather and I tried to go fishing but the rain moved in only ten minutes after we arrived. So I made this map of my travels in Japan.

Michael's travels in Japan
Michael's travels in Japan

As the legend states, the colors mean:

  • grey: prefectures I've not yet visited
  • orange: prefectures through which I've passed, on the ground, but not visited
  • red: prefectures that I've visited
  • green: prefectures I've explored by bike, in some small part

I hope to be back to fill in the rest, some day. This stated because it turns out I've been to nearly as many prefectures as my mother-in-law. My father-in-law, however, has me beat: he's been to all but two!

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