onsen on a hot day

Matsuyama, 2018.07.18

Today we left Hiroshima for the ancient hot-spring city of Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku. It was my first time visiting that island (despite living on the neighboring island of Honshū for five years) and getting there meant taking a fast ferry across the Seto inland sea. Sadly, we were barred from the outside decks of the ferry, but I managed to get a good look at the sea and I'm glad I did. The Japanese have industrialized the place quite thoroughly, but somehow retained something of its original natural splendor.

In the afternoon, we visited the Dōgo onsen, which is on a hot-spring site that's been in use by humans for at least 3,000 years. It was used as inspiration for the onsen in the Ghibli movie "Spirited Away", and was worth a visit. We got into the yukata provided by our hotel and walked to the onsen on a day so hot it left you a bit dotty.

family outside the Dogo onsen
our family outside the Dogo onsen

The water temperature in the onsen was quite high, and The Boy quickly turned a bit pink once we were in. He asked to leave after only a brief while, and we did. The girls stayed on a bit longer because Emma hit on the idea of going back to the showers that ring the hot tub room to cool off a bit whenever she needed to.

family at an onsen
our family at an onsen

Here are some pics of the place.

the architecture of dougo onsen

the architecture of dougo onsen

dougo onsen in matsuyama

dougo onsen in matsuyama

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