the fishing trip that wasn't

Toronto, 2018.03.31

The Boy and I tried to go fishing today, but wound up spending three hours at a Canadian Tire. We'd pulled in to pick up some new lures, when someone pointed out that we had a flat tire. Being in a Canadian Tire parking lot, it was obvious that we should have them look at it (especially since the snow tires still on the car had come from there). One tale too long and dull to tell, the entire morning and then some was spent waiting for them to fix it.

Happily, it was a warmish day (for this peculiarly cool spring) and we walked down to Cathedral Bluffs to take in the sites. The walk killed well over an hour, and we returned to find our girl Méabh clad in new shoes.

We did eventually get down to the marina for some fishing, where another angler caught a pike during our visit. The fellow came around to give us some advice, which was nice. But it wasn't much of an outing, as we were pressed for time. And so ends pike season for some seven weeks!

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