getting to work in the snow, darkly

Toronto, 2018.01.08

The fates just didn't want me getting to the office, today: I woke with a head cold, in a power outage, as the snow sheeted down. Instead I went to the clinic, then worked from home for the day. The power outage wasn't at our actual home, it'd just knocked out the TTC between my home and office.

It must be January.

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reader comments

Well, there must have been some weird stuff going on. Our 2-year new furnace decided to stop working. I never get sick and seem to have picked up a crappy head cold. Don't remember ever blowing my nose this much. On the bright side, my wine rack is full...

Sue Masterson

Sorry to hear about the cold. And the furnace, that's just crazy (and reminds me of shopping for ovens when I was staying with you upon return from Japan). But hooray for wine! 8)