unwelcome news on new year's day

Toronto, 2018.01.01

We've just received word that our application for an apartment suitable for our growing family has been denied. No explanation given, just no. The real estate agent involved forwarded the credit bureau reports we had to have done for the application so at least we got something out of the scramble for references and the paperwork and the on-site visit and the budget review and annoying our landlady by a) telling her we're looking and b) asking her to do a reference check the day she arrived from India.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the final indicator that it's time we left Toronto. With just one income, this city is too expensive.

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reader comments

You need a real estate agent to secure a rental apartment? The landlady just arrived from India? How many family members were accepted where your s was rejected?

Richard Seabright

Our landlady's from India, originally, yes. She owns a few properties on our street and who knows how many across the city.

And yes, landlords are using real estate agents to do the MLS posts and all the vetting these days for rentals. Credit checks, reference checks, reviews of income (including bank records!). We were being pushed to pay an extra month's rent to secure the place on Feb 1 while we'd be carrying the existing apartment - for a total of more than $4,000 that month. Toronto's a pretty crazy market for renters. I probably don't have to tell you what it's like for people trying to buy.