I spy, says the five year old

Toronto, 2017.12.04

The Girl had us in stitches, today, with her attempt at "I spy" - she would literally look at what she had in mind. It started with some natto in a bowl right next to her. Every time someone would take a guess at what she could be thinking of, she'd glance at the bowl. After even The Boy had figured it out, we humored her a bit (but not to the point of patronizing (yes, I'm the arbitrator of that, being the only one in the household that knows the word (see?)) and then I explained to her how we knew what she was doing.

I figure honesty is the best policy when dadsplaining these things to the kids. For instance, I told her what it means when an adult says, "That's nice, dear."

So she tried again. Looking at the Christmas tree, she said, "It's a type of tree..."

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reader comments

I have a strong hunch she'll learn. And you'll be in trouble. What kind of adult says "That's nice, dear"?


"That's nice, dear."