green medicine

Toronto, 2017.11.07

Tonight I am doing a Canadian first: participating in a University of Arizona study into whether green light can prevent migraines. As I've documented in this journal dozens of times, I've been plagued with severe migraines since I was five. They've been particularly bad this year, with this past month being easily the worst of my life for the number of severe migraines.

So I'm once again doing something about.

This time, it's a 70 day trial in which I spend the last two hours of the day in a dark room illuminated only by green LED's. The lights - and the instructions - were provided by University staff under doctor Mohab Ibrahim (MD., Ph.D) an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Pharmacology at the Banner-University Medical Center at the University of Arizona.

I'm told that the preliminary results have been very encouraging. That's more than good enough for me, I'll try anything - I've had my brain scanned, run a test with bubbly water injected into my heart, I've been on a food-avoidance diet for decades, and I've even put myself on daily doses of ridiculous preventative drugs that made me an error-prone zombie.

The doctors in Arizona are looking for more study participants, so if you get migraines and you're in the US or Canada, contact me and I'll put you in touch.

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