happy hallowe'en

Toronto, 2017.10.31

For Hallowe'en this year, The Boy dressed as "Captain Haddock" from Tintin. Emma went as a spider-witch.

I wound up doing the rounds in the neighborhood with ol' Cap Haddock, and I have to say, I miss the toddler days. The nine year olds simply treated it as a smash and grab, sprinting from house to house in a hyped-up quest for candy. It was annoying.

Mari had a different experience with The Girl. She stopped to compliment each home-owner on some aspect of their Hallowe'en decorations, and if there weren't any, she'd compliment them on the house. Mari said that The Girl gets it from me, and I realize I'd been doing that as well, though as much out of embarrassment over The Boy's behavior than anything.

Tomorrow, with the onset of November, I'm riding my bike to work. Having had a few days off to get over Head Cold #7 has resulted in the return of my laziness-induced back pain. I guess I'm stuck cycling for the rest of my days.

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