my failed ride with the TTC

Toronto, 2017.09.19

On Friday, I tried to attend a talk at 08:30 downtown; but the TTC had other ideas. I got out to the bus-stop at 7:45, plenty of time for the express bus to get me where I was going. It didn't show up. The next one .. didn't show up. At 08:05, a bus finally arrived, 20 minutes late and followed by the one that had been due at 08:00. I waited for the second of the two, and we made it to an intersection about a six minute walk from my home where we hit a traffic jam. After nearly ten minutes, and only a few meters progress, I realized that I wasn't going to make the talk downtown.

So I got off, and walked home. Where I changed, hopped on my bike, and headed for the office. I wrote to some friends, expressing my amazement that the TTC had gotten even worse than I remembered, and they confirmed that it's a steady and constant process. I'm very glad I've been excepted from that for most of this year.

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