The Boy's first tennis tournament

Toronto, 2017.09.09

The Boy was in his first tennis tournament today; he won more games than he lost. Unfortunately, it seemed to be up to the kids to govern themselves while playing, which resulted in some pretty screwy officiating. That frustrated The Boy, but he didn't get dragged into the cheating and complaining.

After watching him for a time, I took The Girl to see my friends in the volunteer cycle advocacy group in our ward in the city. We were celebrating the installation of the Woodbine cycle lane. The Councillor and someone from the city where there, and I heard that some local residents are going so far as to threaten the lives of the people who helped make these cycle lanes happen. E.g. "If I see you in that cycle lane, I'll hit you with my car."

Take from that what you will of our neighborhood, The Beaches.

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