a scratched car

Toronto, 2017.08.30

Our beloved car has been scratched, and I'm thinking of getting it painted - time to source someone to do the work. The car's in great shape over all, and the interior and all the working parts are certainly well made, but the Achilles tendon of the Kia Rondo turns out to be the paint. I've found countless tiny spots where holes have developed in the paint, and it seems unusually prone to scratching and odd hazing. Also, there's so much crap on the roads that the bottoms of the sides and front are pitted from stones, so we're considering asking about some kind of protective layer there.

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reader comments

You never know how something really looks till you try to repair it or you get up close and personal

Judi Beltz

It's true. The first time someone hit the car and left without leaving word was only a few weeks after we bought it. Meaning it's been scratched from nearly day one. So it goes with car ownership.