how to blacklist spam callers

Toronto, 2017.07.11

My home phone provider allows me to blacklist spam callers by pressing *7 during a call. This must be heaven!

We pretty much have to have a home phone. We have kids. They seem to need an ambulance every year due to breathing problems or seizures. So we've made the most of it by cutting our costs and going digital.

We use a VOIP provider called Anveo. It's $2/month (plus the E911 charge, another $1.20, plus the CRTC-mandated $5/month "local loop" charge to Bell, because I live in Canada the land of monopoly). You buy a third party VOIP phone that plugs into the phone jack, and then plug your handset into that. Compared to the $27/month we were paying prior to have a traditional home phone service, it's paid for the $85 VOIP device and then some.

While renewing the E911 service today, I noticed the announcement of the *7 blacklist feature. Woohoo!

They've also given me a referral number. If you sign up with Anveo and use this referral code (2784267) I get $0.20 a month. Time to sit back and let the money pour in!

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