I think I like it here, at Yonge & St Clair

Toronto, 2017.07.10

Having worked up at Yonge & St Clair for the past week, I'm reminded of the years when I lived nearby. Some of the same shops are still here - such as the nice little Vietnamese place a few doors west of the main intersection (I know that Pho is fairly straightforward, but theirs is among the best in the city). The health food shop a block or two south of Yonge. The Harveys to the north (where the manager has is act together to an unusual degree). Some newcomers are very welcome: the "Holy Chuck" burger joint to the south that takes their shtick a bit too seriously but makes fine food; the schnitzel place that makes authentic food.

I took The Boy to that schnitzel place on Saturday despite the TTC outage to introduce my son to German food. He devoured his plate.

It's been 12-15 years since I lived up here. They were chaotic times for me, always on the go it seemed between Toronto and living in some other part of the world. But the neighborhood remains a pleasant and busy place. In fact, it reminds me a bit of Tokyo, a dense node built up around a subway station.

I'm only here on a six month contract, but so far it's been worth the 80m climb on my bike every morning.

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reader comments

Good luck with the new contract,just keep in touch Cheers Judd

Judd Rusnak

Judd, great to hear from you! Thanks for the well wishes.


I have a newspaper article (somewhere), published by The Globe and Mail when my great-aunt retired as principal of the Shaw Business College at the corner of Yonge and St. Clair. It describes it as having been the northern limit of the city when she started there. It was still there until roughly 2000. Her fiance worked at the Royal bank on the opposite corner (which is still there). He bought her an opal ring for an engagement ring (considered bad luck), and worse, then the opal fell out and she called off the engagement, and never married. The article talks about how the "girls" would carry their textbooks in their muffs so no-one knew they were going to school.


The north end of the city, wow.

Funny how attitudes toward education change with time. Why just yesterday, we were discussing how in the US 70% of Republicans think Universities do more harm than good. Oh, wait.