goodbye, Niagara

Toronto, 2017.07.03

The Boy and I headed out to Jordan Harbor quite early this morning, to fish the harbor with worms and hooks. An acquaintance who fishes there tells me it's the best fishing he's seen in Canada, but when we arrived we found the conservation area flooded to the point that a building (garage?) stood in isolation in the lake. We couldn't access the usual shoreline to cast into deep enough water, but there was too much water what was usually the public green space to wade, even with our boots.

So, we left for 16 mile creek, and fished in an estuary that a kayaker told me was a) usually a small fraction of its current size and b) usually impossible to reach by kayak from further inland due to the anti-hagfish revetments (which have obviously failed this year).

We spent a fine day entertaining the kids in a newly expanded park in the area. It was expanded by taking out a six-hole golf course that had been occupying some prime space. Mari then took the kids over to "Toys R Us" for presents from Oma & Opa, for graduating. The Girl bought some small toys. The Boy decided to save the money, which he wants to put toward a "Nintendo Switch".

In the evening, The Boy and I once again went fishing, this time to an estuary at the top of Martindale Pond. We both caught some fish (at last!) but boy did we have a lot of tangles and lost lures. At one point The Boy managed to get a lure hung up at the top of a tall tree. The top!

We left after the QEW had settled down, and it took us about 95 minutes to get home (by 22:15).

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