poaching tusks in Siberia

Toronto, 2017.06.17

Poachers in Siberia are digging up mammoth tusks with pressurized water, making themselves rich but fouling the rivers.

It's impressive that they knew the skeletons were out there. Once in a while, when I read of one of these finds or some new archaeological (or anthropological) discovery, I think of all the things that must be out there in the ice or dirt or rook, waiting to be found.

It's a pity that these desperate drunkards will exterminate all the fish with this enterprise. It's kind of our thing, we humans. I read recently that when the Europeans – as drunken and desperate as these Yakuts – arrived Ontario we exterminated 17 species of fish from lake Ontario.

(Thanks to Audrey for the link to the story.)

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. My friend Adam had a son (well, last Saturday).
  2. I submitted my first tweet of a car parked in a cycle lane to the copper in Toronto who's now ticketing cars for such parking.
  3. I spoke with the two professional bicycle "wrenches" at the repair event last year. They said they had a great time and would like to do it again next year.

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